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Residential Upholstery repair professionals

 Residential Upholstery repair professionals

The furniture in your home adds a perfect décor to your room be it the kitchen or any other part of your home. Most of the times things go wrong with the upholstery, it can either be soiled with food or other stains to a point where it cannot be cleaned to your maximum satisfaction. Other problems that may occur with your upholstery include, being torn, worn out or even being burned. Aarons Touchup and Restoration Company will take care all of your upholstery problems regardless of the size or complexity of the problem. Expect nothing but the best when you seek the services of Aarons Touchup and Restoration Company.

We handle all kinds of complexities when it comes to upholstery repair and restoration. No project is ever going to be too big for us or too small for us. Some of our clients even come with a single chair that needs to be reupholstered. We don’t send them back unattended since it is our policy to make all our clients happy and satisfied regardless of their needs. We have the require knowledge, we have the materials as well as professional expertise required to do the job the right way and in time. None of our clients is kept in the dark about the kind of services they are paying for. Before we take over any project we first give our clients an estimated cost of the entire project. There are no hidden charges since everything is displayed in black and white.

How long does it take for residential upholstery repair take to complete?

 There is no exact time that any residential upholstery repair takes since the projects vary from one to another. There are projects that are big and need enough time to be completed perfectly well while there are smaller projects that can take even up to less than 24 hours. It all depends upon the size of the job as well as the size of the materials. Some materials are too scarce to find hence will require some time while others are readily available. Nonetheless, we try to keep in touch with most suppliers so that we get our materials in time. Feel free to contact any of our customer service representatives at any time for more information.