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Your satisfaction is Guaranteed with Our Dallas Furniture Repair Services

6There are many different types of Dallas furniture repair services that may be needed which really depend upon the type of furniture that is being repaired as well as the extent of the damage to the furniture. In some cases, refinishing the furniture is going to be a priority and this may be the case, even with some antique furniture. There are also many times when upholstery becomes soiled or damaged to the point where it is going to need repaired or even replaced. It doesn't matter what size job you have done or what the specific needs for your Dallas furniture repair happen to be, you can trust that Aaron's Touch up & Restoration will take care of it professionally and will guarantee your complete satisfaction.
One of the reasons why we are able to do this is because we have over 43 years of experience in refinishing furniture in the greater Dallas area. It is that experience which allows us to do the refinishing work in a way that leads to the satisfaction that you desire. Additionally, it doesn't matter if it is a small job or a large job, we will be able to take care of it in the same manner. That is because we do not consider a small job to be a lesser job, it gets the same, professional attention as even the largest Dallas furniture repair job that we have ever done.

Taking Care of Both Commercial and Residential Dallas Furniture Repair

Colleyville 2Although much of the Dallas furniture repair that we do is residential work, there are also many commercial jobs that we take care of professionally as well. These may take place in an office environment or perhaps in a hotel but we strive to ensure that the repair work is done with the least amount of impact to you and your customers. When doing any type of commercial Dallas furniture repair, we also use the chemicals on the furniture that are water-based to limit the amount of offending odors that could be problematic.
When you have a need for Dallas furniture repair, call Aaron's Touch up & Restoration for your free quote and time estimates. We will come to your location to look at the scope of the project and to let you know what can be done to make you one of our happy customers.